Empower Parents in HB577

Louisiana lawmakers are currently considering a bill to strengthen protections for teens online. This bill — as unanimously passed by the House of Representatives — would empower parents to decide what apps their teens can download from the app store.

Recent changes made by the Senate remove a vital component of this bill — which would require parents to approve apps before their teens download them. Removing this provision is a tremendous mistake, and could lead to children downloading inappropriate or dangerous apps without their parents’ knowledge.

Requiring parental consent before downloading apps is important because it gives parents a crucial, added layer of security. Companies like Google and Apple already have the technology to make parental consent possible. An app-store provision would change this from an opt-in feature to one that gives parents full control, full stop.

It’s imperative that our lawmakers pass HB577 as originally written to give parents — not Big Tech — the right to decide what apps are appropriate for their own children. Lawmakers must include the app-store provision in HB577 to keep Louisiana families safe.

Let your Senator know that you would rather they pass HB577 in its original form, which was unanimously passed by the House of Representatives. Remember—be courteous and kind—and let your voice be heard!