About the Louisiana Family Forum

Who We Are

Louisiana Family Forum is committed to advancing life, liberty, and
limited government in the great state of Louisiana!

Founded in 1998, LFF is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to advancing life, liberty, and limited government.LFF is one of 31 other state-based Family Policy Councils (FPC’s) around the country. Many of these organizations are the leading pro-life and pro-family organizations in their respective states. LFF is a 501c3 non-profit corporation under the IRS tax code. LFF engages in research and education on a wide range of public policy issues to strengthen the well-being, health, and safety of Louisiana families – its individual members and the collective unit. We have an independent board of directors and are responsible for raising our own financial support.

We communicate and cooperate with other stakeholders in order to promote strong families, advance First Amendment liberties, and the right to express one’s faith. We champion free-market economics, entrepreneurship, and private property.

We are committed to training the next generation of Louisiana leaders. We equip them to advance life, liberty, and limited government. We challenge them to high moral character.

Team LFF

Gene Mills


Dale Hoffpauir

Operations Director

Kathleen Benfield

Legislative Director

Michelle Vallet

Executive Administrator

Tim Grant

IT & Web Design

Trinity Wicker

Administrative Assistant

Major Accomplishments

We look forward to laboring alongside you to maintain Louisiana’s legacy as a great place to live and raise a family!

  • Distribute “In God We Trust” Posters and the “10 Commandments” to Louisiana Classrooms
  • Published the 2023 LFF Legislative Scorecard and Louisiana Voter Guide
  • Annually Award Louisiana Legislators for Pro-Family Votes
  • Honored Louisiana’s 2024 Longest Married Couple
  • Training New Young Leaders in LFF’s 2023 Leadership Academy Spiritual Heritage Tour
  • Annually Brief over 200 Pastors on Religious Liberty Threats and Legislative Issues
  • Annually Evaluate over 1000 Bills to Advise Legislators
  • Instrumental in Reforming the Criminal Justice System in Louisiana and the Re-Entry Program
  • Fought for Parental Choice in Education

Our Supporters

Louisiana Family Forum is committed to honoring those lawmakers who vote on behalf of Louisiana families. Each year, many individuals, corporations, churches, and ministries help in our efforts to influence policy, protect the family, and write the next chapter in Louisiana’s history by sponsoring a table at our annual Awards Gala.
Here are some of our past sponsors:

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